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Wiktor Początek

nihilistic golden retriever

needing a new job



Phone number - +48 883 746 788

+48 883 746 788

My strengths

Organized antelope 🦌

I’ve got my whole life organized in Notion. My design files are clean. Design systems and components are a must.

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Business capybara 🦫

I enjoy the business side of products too - business models, sales funnels, a well thought out product strategy - that’s my jam!

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Accessible buffalo 🐂

I know WCAG inside and out. I’m giving accessibility trainings. I think inclusive design should be a standard.

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Versatile panda 🐼

I like doing everything UX related - from research, through low-fi wireframing, to interface design and presentations.

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Leading kangoroo 🦘

I love a bit of project management alongside designing. I’m currently leading a team of 8 designers in a large ERP software project.

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Symmetrical rhinoceros 🦏

I don't really have a sixth one, but I wanted the list to be symmetrical, so um… how are you? drinking enough water?

Decorative image of a cyber enhanced rhino

Public sector & Accessibility

My bread and butter so far. I have worked on a number of design projects in the public sector – among others:

Government software

Government offices, agencies, courts and universities software for both employees and everyday citizens.

Licence plate detection

A product for the Polish police that lets them scan security camera footage and search for specific licence plate numbers.

Accessibility audits

I check the website compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards and give my feedback on how to improve a11y.

Airport app concept pitch

An app concept for one of the Polish airports made in 3 weeks. Research, design, and a client presentation pitch.

HR management system

Managing employees data, payroll, leaves, performance, trainings, delegations – everything HR related.

Accessibility trainings

I’m carrying out accessibility training sessions for other designers and developers in my company.

Railway crossing safety system

Railway crossing camera system for the Polish Railways. It detects cars on a crossing automatically and alerts guards.

Interactive map software

Interactive map software for reading, selecting, measuring and drawing on a detailed local terrain map.

Accessibility consultations

I help other designers and developers with their struggle to tame the wild spirit of accessibility

Software I use

I don’t think that matters very much, you can learn any software rather quickly - but here is my designy set:

Company logo


Company logo


Company logo


Company logo


Company logo


Company logo

Optimal Workshop

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Company logo


Company logo


Company logo


Company logo


Company logo


Company logo


Company logo


Company logo


What others say about me

100% verifiable testimonials

"Such a handsome young boy"

– my Grandma

"What do you want from me?”

 – my Sister

"Have you finished 
your portfolio?"

– my Mama

My projects 🏓

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