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Hey, I'm Wiktor      

UX Lead & Accessibility Specialist

my life goal is to design user interfaces for microwaves, they are annoying.
but for now, I’m creating groovy & accessible software for polish hospitals.

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Work projects

Case studies of projects from my current job

Thumbnail image of the Egeria case study


ERP software used by hospitals, city halls and universities.
I’m the lead designer in the project.

Thumbnail image of the Airport App Concept case study

Airport App Concept

An app concept for one of the polish airports.
Made in 3 weeks.

UI Dribbbles

No descriptions or methodologies, just UI

Thumbnail image of the KVSK0 projectpng

KVSK0 Design System

I created a design system in Figma. All UI related skills in one project.

Thumbnail of the Headphones Landing Page dribbble

Headphones Landing

Product page I've done for the lovely Sony headphones.

Thumbnail of The Office HR dribbble

The Office HR

Dunder Mifflin's imaginary HR software. Because... yes.

Extracurricular activities

Projects I've done outside of my work

Thumbnail of the NoStress case study


An app concept created in the Sektor 3.0 programme.
Design thinking to the fullest.

Thumbnail of the Voice Assistant Research case study

Voice Assistant Research

Research I’ve done to find out if voice assistants 
could help middle-aged people improve their digital skills.

I teach stuff too!

Thumbnail of the Accessibility trainings case study - me in front of my desk, conducting an accessibility training

Accessibility trainings

I’m teaching accessibility to other designers and developers.

Thumbnail image of the Dark Side of UX case study - me on stage talking about accessibility

Dark Side of UX

I was a speaker at a UX Conference aiming to help young designers.

Thumbnail of the Classes case study - me in a classroom teaching a class on prototyping


I taught a class on prototyping at my alma mater university (AGH).

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