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Accessibility Statement

Hello, dear person interested in the accessibility of this page!

I'm afraid I don't have the best news for you in that regard. 😞 I did what I could to make this website as accessible as possible, but the website-builder tool I'm using is not... the greatest.


I tried structuring the site's headings, texts and images as the tool let me, I also put in alt texts and links descriptions. I made sure color contrast is sufficient throughout the pages. However I'm afraid the tool's capabilities end there. Because of that, the website is unfortunately very hard to navigate via a screen reader right now and not very readable after moderate size resizing. This is unfortunately something outside of my control. Until I create a new & improved site with a different tool, this will have to do.


I'm truly sorry if it's problematic to anyone reading this. If that is the case, please feel free to contact me at and we will figure something out ❤️

I hope you have a wonderful day,


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